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A small island nation, 112 miles east of Southeast China, located in the Pacific Ocean.
Taiwan remains largely undiscovered and utterly underrated by foreign travelers. Some may overlook this 13,974 mi island, however, Taiwan is home to an abundance of natural hot spring resorts, dramatic mountainous terrain, stunning hiking trails, and exuberant night markets. This island is known to have the most stunning geography and alluring outdoor activities in the world. Typhoon swell and a host of surf spots that break during all times of the year are one of many reasons to visit the unique surf adventure destination Taiwan has to offer.

Popular culture is thriving on the island, pulling from many different influences such as China, America, and Japan. Through this melting pot of culture, stems many traditional festivals and unique temple treasures. From the overpowering kindness of its people, to the boundless array of sensational traditional Taiwanese food, visiting this island truly is a treat.